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Why choose us?

Why choose us?

Like so many of us, we nowadays experience a busy and demanding lifestyle, if you treasure the free time you have, you will of course want to spend that time doing enjoyable things and not the daunting task of laundry.

We started Stomerijcollectief to offer a much better alternative to your present wash and dry cleaning experiences. The present delivering ventures often have unclear processes, unreliable inconsistant drivers and additionally an inadequate customer service.

Stomerijcollectief distinguishes itself due to its different core tasks in which we believe provides the customer with a better service.

Our core tasks are:

  • The logistics in the handling of your laundry. (pick up and return)
  • Our regional representatives who are all educated and can answer most of your questions concerning fabrics and stains.
  • Quality control, our quality system gives us the ability to point out in which part of the process we need to improve.
  • Offering everybody an (financial) advantage.

The core task of textile cleaners is to clean textiles and that is where they are skilled in.

We shall contract the best textile cleaners in the industry so that we can incorporate the best of both worlds.