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Become a partner of Dry Cleaning Collective.

We are looking for suppliers / textile cleaners like you.

Let your company grow with us while you concentrate on what you do best!

Cleaning textile. Dry cleaning collective takes care of the transport of all laundry.

  • We take care of the collection, delivery, technology and all aspects of customer service, so that you can concentrate on cleaning the textile.
  • Working together with Dry Cleaning Collective will lift your company to a higher level. We share in-depth statistics to understand operational challenges that you did not know existed.
  • We only work with the best textile cleaners. Stay ahead of your competitors (or get them) and increase your daily turnover by working together with us.

Become regional representative of Dry Cleaning Collective

We are looking for entrepreneurs who would like to represent one or more regions.

Together we let you excel in that which Dry Cleaners collectively is good at.
Bringing together supply and demand in the field of dry cleaning services.
Our philosophy and technology is so progressive that we are convinced that we can change the market in a positive way.

  • Our platform is unique in the world and this gives us a big advantage
  • We train and coach our regional representatives
  • A firm and familiar face in the region gives confidence and that is our advantage
  • Together we optimize all logistics processes
  • Our high-tech processing system provides order tracking for every step of the process to minimize the chance of lost items.
  • Analysis and clear process descriptions ensure that as little as possible goes wrong, everyone will be satisfied. And that works so well.