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How it works?

Postcode check:
First we check, based on your postcode, whether we can also offer you our service.


If so, you can fill in the order form. Because it is a collectivity you can not directly pay online. Payment is made at the door, cash or with pin.
This is no different, because of the build-up of the collective discount

Make a choice:

By default, the collective is selected. But if you do not want to wait, you can too
Select “On Demand” to select a different date / time.

Collect collective discount:

An algorithm ensures that a joint discount is calculated on the basis of the number of orders, quantities, etc.
The more friends, neighbors and family members place an order in your postcode area and for the same date, the higher the discount can be.

Apply discount:

The discount for the orders will be applied the day before the orders are collected. You will receive a confirmation via email.
In other words: every order with the same collection date / time and the same postcode will all receive the same discount.

Get laundry:

At the appointed time, our Dry Cleaning Collective Representative will collect your laundry. Add a copy of your order to the laundry. Then nothing can go wrong with the completion of this.

Clean textile:

All laundry is cleaned by our contracted and specialized textile cleaners. With this we can guarantee the quality


At the appointed time, the laundry will be offered clean and fresh again.
This is also the moment that you pay in cash or with a pin for the service.