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What can we offer companies and why choose us?

We are different to others because of the fact that we don’t clean the textiles ourselves. We prefer to allow our professional contracted partners to do the cleaning for us.

Stomerijcollectief is the ideal logistic multi-tasker who ensures that all elements of the process are carried out with the utmost care.

  • Our representatives check that laundry changes hands in the agreed time frame.
  • The representative is also the customer relations manager and the account manager. For any questions concerning the service you can contact the representatives.
  • As an independent intermediary, representatives can correspond efficiently with our contracted cleaners when any complaints arise and in extreme circumstances an alternative contracted cleaner will be used instead. Doing this ensures that the service is not at any risk.
  • Our optimal quality control system ensures that the quality remains at a high standard. We rapidly know where extra attention, training and coaching are required.
  • As experts in the industry, we can also advise you in choosing quality work uniforms, in uniform rental possibilities, in storage options or clothing conveyors.

We are happy to come and introduce ourselves and clarify all possible options available.

Staff collective

Do you work in a company where the cleaning of compulsory uniforms is not reimbursed or partly reinbursed? Then we have a solution! We can introduce a staff collective scheme in collaboration with the employer where the advantage of a high quality service, continuity and cleaner clothing can be offered together with a sharp price reduction. Our platform is so implemented that we can fulfil any queries you might have, it does not matter if the company pays for the service or the staff members themselves.
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Personal clothing

For personal clothing we can also implement a collective scheme where the employer can choose the laundry to be picked up and returned at the work address or at the home address.

One or both of the above options, will guarantee happy employees. These offer a direct financial saving for your staff and further more gives them more personal time, time in which they can spend doing something better than the daunting task of laundry.

These attractive fringe benefits will give a positive appearance to the company. It can harvest an advantage in the recruitment and selection of new employees and a saving due to that staff turnover will decrease. An attentive employer ensures motivated employees which in turn produces productive workers.
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